The Longest of Distances

Back again! I have really been a terrible blogger, but I actually have something on my mind I need to say.  I knew long distance would be hard, but not this hard.  I have been dating the brit for almost two months now, and it has been the best and hardest two months of my life.

Its been the best because….I am dating my best friend.  He is one of the funniest people I have ever met and he cracks me up all the time. Seriously, if you witnessed some of the conversations we have you would think we were SO weird.  I can tell him things I’ve never told anyone and I can talk to him about whatever is on my mind.  

Its been the hardest because…well he lives on another continent.  When I am upset or sad, I can’t just go get a hug whenever I want to.  And it pisses me off to no end when people take their relationships for granted when they go to the same school.  I know the distance will be worth it in the long run but its just so damn hard. And no one really understands how I do it.  Hell, I don’t understand how I do it but I am just taking it day by day. Only 43 more days!

Its been the best because…we keep our relationship alive.  Thank god for skype or I don’t know what we would do, but I’ve skyped him into power hours we have with the girls and he skypes me into bro time sometimes (bro time is religious and girlfriends can’t always join so I always feel honored.)

Its been the hardest because….I still feel like he doesn’t trust me. Trust is really hard for the both of us, and it doesn’t help that we live so far apart.  I think we both think the worst sometimes.  I know there are things that he is keeping from me that are hard to talk about, which I understand, but I’m just being selfish and want him to open up to me. I need to understand that he’s not an open book and I need to earn the right to his innermost secrets, but it just makes me feel like he doesn’t trust me and thats not a fun feeling to have.

Its been the best because….we can talk about the future. We talk about getting puppies (he wants a golden and I want a bernese mountain dog) and cats (he won’t get a flatfaced one 😦 ). The fact that we can talk about things like that and not get freaked out is a great feeling.  Because of our situation, we have to plan far in advance, like he comes for christmas, I go for spring break, he comes for summer, etc. I know its foolish to plan so far ahead because you never know what happens, but I just want to think the best.

I am so happy and so sad at the same time.  I know these 43 days will fly and December 27th will be one of the happiest days, but I just hate waiting. The waiting game is the worst.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Do you have any words of wisdom to ease the distance? 

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Guess Who’s Back..

Hello world! I am truly a horrible blogger but nothing new and exciting is in my life besides the 18 credits that are whooping my ass and surviving my first long distance relationship.  Having a boyfriend that lives on another continent is tricky, but we are making it work. We skype every day and he is a wonderful guy 🙂

About my 18 credits….woof. I am making it through, but it is not without long nights and lots of stress.  My thesis is coming along okay I guess…I’ve written 15 pages, which is way more than a lot of people but its due in the first week of December and my thesis advisor wants to edit and revise all through November so I need to be finished soon…WHAT? My other classes are alright, my favorite has to be World War II in Europe. My class cracks me up.  Its the highest level class you can take and what did we talk about yesterday? If you say ‘beer can’ in a British accent it sounds like ‘bacon’ in a Jamaican accent. Cool guys.

Now onto a survey I found on Alex’s blog!

A is for Age: well technically I am 22 but I like to refer to myself as just having the first anniversary of my 21st birthday.

B is for breakfast today: Chobani and a pumpkin latte from Dunks 🙂 

C is for currently craving: Chinese food. Man would that be good.

D is for Dinner Tonight: Umm leftovers? I will probably have the rice pilaf and chicken sausages I made last night. SO many nomz.

E is for favorite type of exercise: Cardio kickboxing for sure but I also love me some body pump.  It sucks not being able to do them at school but I digress. 

F is for irrational fear: Dying alone with 20 cats. Yup.

G is for gross food: Brussel sprouts. Vom.

H is for hometown: Just south of boston baby! 🙂

I is for something important: Being happy and in love with yourself.

J is for  current favorite jam: See I took this as music rather than jelly so Imma say either every song off of Mumford and Son’s new album or Pound the Alarm by Nicki Minaj. Nicki’s been killin it this year.

K is for kids: Lol

L is for current location: the most beautiful state in the world, Vermont!

M is for most recent way you spent money: Hahah I ordered Dom’s last night..late night study fuel for sure.

N is for something you need: A job/grad school for after I graduate. Woof.

O is for Occupation: Full time student baby

P is for pet peeve: When people are late. Even if they have a valid excuse, it still irks me.

Q is for quote: What’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?

R is for random fact about you: I have a black belt in Karate. Weird, right?

S is for favorite healthy snack: Apples. I could nom on apples all day. I like peanut butter or cheese with them….weird I know.

T is for favorite treat: Ugh I love me some Ben&Jerry’s and a RomCom.

U is for something that makes you unique: I don’t know my biological parents? Thats pretty unique I guess?

V is for favorite vegetable: Tomatoes. I don’t care if people say they are fruit I count them as a veggie and I’m obsessed with them.

W is for today’s workout: Non existant? Walking to class? Haha today is so crammed I don’t have time. Whatever

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Knee, ankle, and teeth.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: I got an A on my midterm! And skyping the brit makes every day better (omg so cheesy…)

Z is for time zone: EST baby

Those are so fun! Now I have to finish all my work for Monday because I’m going home with my best friend for Halloween to spend time with her family and then heading to Boston to hang out with her sister and go to a Halloween party! It’s gonna be a stressful Thursday but a fun weekend ahead 🙂

Have a great weekend 🙂

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Sent By The Queen Himself

Update time!! I know I have been a HORRIBLE blogger and I am truly sorry for that, but 18 credits plus a job has been kicking my ass..hard. But the silver lining? My brit came to visit!! I can honestly say it was the best week of my life. We went hiking, applepicking, to the Ben&Jerry’s factory, ate lots of Cabot cheese (native to Vermont), also ate lots of cider donuts, and enjoyed America.







He’s only been gone for 3 days but I miss him already! He is coming back for Christmas break, but thats still 87 days away. We can do it!!


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MIMM: Fall Edition

Happy Monday everyone! Mine is not so lovely because I have class from 9:45am-8pm…but I digress.  Here’s to looking at the bright side.

Marvelous…that the weather is cooling down! Today it remained in the 60s and I loved every minute of it.  I love the fall so much. Sweaters, scarves, and boots here I come!

Marvelous…Green Mountain pumpkin spice coffee is back. Thank the sweet baby Jesus.  I got some in our little cafe on the way to class this morning and it made my boring class so much better.  Crazy how coffee can do that at 9:30am…

Marvelous…my birthday is in a week! Can’t believe I will be 22….where did the time go.  I have been loving my 20’s so far so hopefully that trend continues 🙂

Marvelous…My professor cancelled our test we have in a few weeks! This is my favorite class, World War II in Europe and it is a small class, about 15 of us sitting around a seminar table chatting about some old dead dudes but its fascinating.  She cancelled the test because we have been “exceeding her expectations” with our thorough analytical reading of our homework and translating that into class discussion. BOOM. This class is so entertaining. Last week someone compared hitler to Joe Paterno….good job guys.

Marvelous…weekend that I just had! Saturday was the welcome back bash put on by the student association.  They host one every year but this one exceeded my expectations. My best friend Eric was one of the coordinators and there was lobster and steak in the dining hall… big deal. Good job shmer!

my lovely Eric

Minas with his lobster

Me and my gorgeous housemates, Alex and Corine

Marvelous…News!!!! My friend from London is coming to visit for a week!!! He is flying in next Monday and staying for a week!! I have so many fun activities planned, such as apple picking, hiking, the Ben&Jerry’s factory, and obviously showing him the American college way of life. Take that as you may.

Have a LOVELY week everyone 😀

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Wacky Wednesday

Hello everybody! Just dropping in for a few updates of my crazy, hectic life of a senior.

  • I love all of my classes except my Modern Middle East class.  Crazy, right?! I was actually really excited to take this class, but my professor just isn’t doing it for me. Doesn’t that suck when it could be a really cool class but the professor is awful? Yeah. That hour is pretty much torture, but the reading is somewhat interesting.
  • I have officially started researching for my thesis.  I am writing on the Russian Gulags in the 20’s and 30’s.  Depressing, right? But I have always been fascinated with WWII, especially the camps aspect of it. 40 pages of outright depression, here I come!

  • Weekends have been NUTS but so much fun.  I have missed my community, and running into people on the weekends is just hilarious. Especially the freshman. Was I like that 3 years ago?

  • I have seen my ex boyfriend EVERY.SINGLE.DAY without fail since I’ve been here. Ugh. Why God, why?! We did not end on the best of terms and now he is engaged. LOL. Laughable. But I see him everyday. How is that even possible?
  • I spent sometime downtown last weekend and I absolutely love Church street in the summertime/fall.


Whats wacky about your Wednesday? Any fun updates?

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Back and In The Game

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA these past few days but things have been so crazy!! I am all moved into Townhouse 308! SO exciting, but so surreal. I cannot believe I am a senior.  It seems like just yesterday I moved into Ryan Hall for my freshman year. Seniors were top dog and we knew who (almost) all of them were. Now I am the senior; I am the top dog. These are my final 9 months as an undergrad….where the heck did the time go.  As I unpacked my car, so many wonderful memories ran through my head of my first experiences at the Mikes, especially first impressions.  As a freshman, you are so moldable, so impressionable. Some of my expectations were shattered, but some exceeded what I thought could ever be possible.

Moving in was mildly stressful.  Entertaining/hanging out with the family was not #1 on my to do list but having them to help was nice.  We ate dinner at a cute bistro we go to every year called the Blue Paddle. I got coffee crusted pork tenderloin with gorgonzola mashed potatoes and veggies….oh my. It was gone in two seconds.

Saturday was spent shopping on church street with my parents and grocery shopping.  One of the worst things about moving in in the fall is the fact that it is SO hot.  This weekend it was 90 degrees and sunny…making moving things and running around pretty miserable, but we got through it.

On to classes….boy did I NOT miss aggressive professors.  I had an entire book to read by Wednesday…for one class.  Thanks history department, you are spectacular. Not. Its not only the history department, though.  I feel like everyone has been struggling with the increase in work load, no matter what major they are! I work at the circulation desk in the campus library and even in the first week it has been incredibly busy. As much as I hate the workload, I know I am going to miss it once I graduate. (If I hear the word graduation one more time heads are going to roll.)

The best part of being back has been the social interactions.  We had a townhouse resident meeting yesterday and the director of student life made the point that this is the last year we will be living with 400 of our best friends.  Crazy!

I haven’t been able to work out yet but I am working on a routine and when I will be able to fit it in because its so important.  And the eating front has been good, mostly because I have a full kitchen to use! So lovely. Breakfast has been kind of pushed to the side but I’ve been doing well on the lunch and dinner front. So many nomz. I also may have a special visitor in a few weeks….details to follow when they are finalized but its going to be grand!

Well, its time for reading in bed and watching Greys Anatomy on this rainy Friday afternoon. Tonight will be full of so many first-weekend-back shenanigans.  I will try and blog more but the first week has been so stressful. Also, sorry for the lack of pictures…I’m working on it!!

Whats new in your life?! Tell me something exciting that has happened in the last week 🙂 


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Thoughts From My Travel Journal: Sheep Edition

So as I’m packing my life away, I came across from my travel journal I used abroad.  Of course, I had to read it and got so nostalgic.  I will share some insight from my ever entertaining mind:

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Today was the big ASE outing to Stonehenge, Salisbury and Lacock Village. All were so amazing and full of so much history.  I realized all I want in life is to own a sheep farm.  I am mildly obsessed.  I actually bought a sheep at Stonehenge.  Sorry, not sorry.  Stonehenge was cool…all it was was some really old rocks (and by really old i mean 4000 b.c old). Salisbury was amazing, too.  I ate lunch with Maddie, Kylie, and Cassie which was nice to branch out of the Linley crew (as much as I love them). We toured Salisbury Cathedral which was awesome.  I tebowed in one of the oldest cathedrals in England.  Like a boss.  Lacock was absolutely adorable. The abbey was the location of a lot of Harry Potter movies! We just walked around and found a really cute store that sold adorable trinkets.  Later, I waded through a river with Emily and Gabbi, which was amazing! Good thing I wore my wellies! We had dinner at Georges Inn, and I sat with Kate, Maddie, Marie, Emily and Neil.  Poor Neil, stuck with us Linley ladies.  He was a trooper.  We had an ASE pub quiz, which Team Ball-so-hard OWNED. Mr. Baaahsworth was our team mascot.  Tomorrow is first day of classes….BRING IT!

Wow, what a loser 😉 The posts quickly change their tune though…As I’ve mentioned before, things went south end of April, but this post makes my heart soar.  I still remember buying bahs and sharing so many fond memories throughout these historic, amazing places. Enjoy this plethora of photos to compliment the entry 🙂







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