Some Days are Better than Others

Today has not been the greatest day…First off I couldn’t get to sleep last night.  My family and I went out to dinner to our country club and after I just went upstairs to do my usual routine…brush teeth, put on my pjs and watch a few episodes of a show on netflix before hitting the hay..hopefully before 11.  Well 11pm rolled around and I was still wiiiide awake. Not good for a girl who wanted to get in a good workout at 6:30 then next morning. So I woke up late this morning in a grouchy mood because I now had to wait to go to the gym (my gym is busiest between 8-11am) and even when I got there I was just out of it.  Something I ate the night before did not agree with my stomach and as I was running I just felt plain uncomfortable.

So I came home unsatisfied with my gym performance and my parents were nagging me about the exam I have to take this summer, the Praxis II.  For those who don’t know, the Praxis exams are for teachers looking to get certified and I have already taken the first part and now I must take the second part before I go back to school.  Part 1 is pretty much the same as the SATs, but Part II is specific to the content you wish to teach, so I am taking Social Studies Content and Interpretation since I will be a high school history teacher.  This summer I have had minimal time to study for it and I just do not feel comfortable taking it quite yet, but I have no choice.  So after procrastinating for long enough, I finally sat down to register.  Well a few problems later my dad is on the phone with ETS test centers and I am sitting next to him on the verge of tears. I was just so frustrated that nothing was working and I found myself stress eating my lunch and eating more food than I wanted to/needed to. Well finally, I am registered for a test on August 9th in Boston. Its a little bit sooner than I wanted because I am going away this weekend and simply don’t have motivation to study during the summer.

With that crisis averted, I logged into my school account and began looking at my class schedule and checking to see what books I need so I can compare prices on amazon (bookstore prices are WAY overpriced) and realized 2 of my classes overlapped by 20 minutes. How the heck did that happen. Anyways, I decided to drop the history class that conflicted and add a different class that began a few hours earlier and I would have an hour and a half in between classes. Welp the registrar/knighvision is closed because little incoming freshman have to register. Excuse me I am a senior and have priority! Just kidding…but not really. So I called in and they said I can’t register until August 6th…lets just hope I remember!

Now I have to actually study for the Praxis, pack for my adventures to Connecticut and New York this weekend, and teach a golf clinic tonight. This girl needs a much deserved vacation from summer vacation.

What was stressful for you today? How do you deal with stress eating?


About Jenna

I am a 21 year old senior at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT and this is my blog on my journey to being a better person, inside and out.
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2 Responses to Some Days are Better than Others

  1. AHH MY LOVELY, hang in there. I hate days like that and I know I have had plenty. Know that a test is a test and you can’t control what people see in it. Even though I think you will rock it, let yourself have that space to just do it. Miss you! REmember i am just a vent text away.

    • jmacabee says:

      thanks al. it just sucks cuz the exams cost $139…yes ONE HUNDRED THIRTY NINE dollars. so if i fail i have to pay again to take it. but mind over matter…i will pass! you are the best! see you in a few short weeks and we will get red mango if it is the last thing we do!

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