Just Let Yourself GO

As I previously mentioned, I was headed to New York for a funfilled weekend for my friends 21st.  Well fun it definitely was!

I drove down to my roommates house in Connecticut on Thursday afternoon, but not before I popped into work to pick up my paycheck.  I was dressed like I usually am, nothing too fancy, but because I work in a golf polo, black shorts, and sperry’s, most of the people I work with do not see me in my normal attire.  Well let me tell you the comments that were made at me! Everyone said how beautiful I looked, which was a confidence booster.  I was only wearing a sheer light blue tank, white jeans, and wedges! Anyways, once I got to CT, Ashley, Jess, and I got our nails done.  This place went the whole 9 yards.  They had actually gave you a massage before and after the manicure with hot rocks. After a brutal morning of kickboxing it was just what I needed.  We then had girls night at Plan B Burger (odd name for a burger joint but it was delicious!) There was a huge storm so we sat near the windows and watched the lightning.  I got a spicy burger but didn’t eat the bun…I had to indulge in the parmesan fries though…way too good to pass up.

Friday, Ashley had to go into work for a few hours, so I tagged along and brought my book (I’m reading 3rd degree by James Patterson!) I was doing well on the food front so far: I had a banana for breakfast, Jalepeno&Cheddar PopCorners for a snack, and we got sushi for lunch. Not too bad! It all went downhill when we got to my friends house.  Since 15 of us were staying at his house, his mom made Baked Ziti with homemade Italian bread.  I didn’t want to just eat salad because I knew I would be consuming…erm…beverages later that evening and did not want to be irresponsible in that department.  Besides the food situation, I reunited with SO many lovely people.  It was definitely my favorite night of the summer.

Saturday morning, after being rudely awaken by the boys at a too-early 8am, we all piled into my friends car and went to McDonalds for breakfast.  I would have loved to just go to a supermarket and pick up fresh fruit and greek yogurt, but alas it is the curse of being a guest. So McD’s for breakfast, chili for lunch, and pizza for dinner did not make my tummy very happy, but again, I accepted the fact it was out of my control.  More beer and jungle juice and late night snacking did not help, but as they say…YOLO. (yeah…I went there.)

Today, I felt horrible in the morning, so I couldn’t wait for my everything bagel and coffee. In all honesty, even if I was home or could have my choice of breakfast, I probably would have still gone with this.  It is just my hangover cure and I always feel better after getting some fuel in me. A salad at Panera for lunch and chicken sausages and peppers for dinner made me feel back on my food schedule, but the lack of exercise and the unhealthy eating just made me feel physically bad.  I haven’t had baked ziti or pizza in months and my stomach just didn’t like me. But I had so so SO much fun and I wouldn’t change the weekend if I could.

PS! The olympics are on! It definitely makes me miss Bath/England a whole lot but I get to skype with my resident Brit tomorrow so he will give me all the details on the events!



About Jenna

I am a 21 year old senior at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT and this is my blog on my journey to being a better person, inside and out.
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3 Responses to Just Let Yourself GO

  1. Gah what a great weekend. Don’t stress girl, that is what friends and fun times are for. We all need to indulge, moderation moderation moderation. Glad you had a great weekend like this, jealous of your fun times. I need a cocktail or beer, no joke, I’m stressed!

    • jmacabee says:

      I know…i keep reminding myself its ok to let loose once and a while, in moderation of course. we will go grab a drink when you are home lovely!!

  2. maralb2010 says:

    Let me know how that skype date with the resident brit goes 🙂 hehe

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