No good, very bad, REALLY HORRIBLE day: Rant Time

As the title suggests, yesterday was positively awful.  I had to work 9-3, you might think thats not too bad.  Well yesterday was BAD.  All I did was sit on the 8th tee and essentially sell something the pro shop was offering.  Again, not bad, you might think.  400 people came through and only 20 took the opportunity I was providing.  It felt like the biggest waste of time.  I also didn’t mention the fact I hadn’t eaten anything all day except for an iced coffee and half a greek yogurt.  I couldn’t even go inside to go to the bathroom.  Rude. I had so much studying to do and felt horrible wasting my time.  Yes I still got paid but I would have much rather been studying all day than at work wasting time.

Once I got home, I was freaking out and didn’t even change out of my work clothes and got right back to studying.  My uncle was coming into town and we were supposed to go out to dinner, but I told my mom I didn’t think I could go.  I had committed last week, but my boss called me last minute for me to come in.  I felt really bad canceling, but I was stressing so badly and my anxiety was through the roof.  Usually, my parents are all “school first”, but tonight they made me feel like a complete bitch for preferring to stay home and study rather than go to dinner.  I am really anxious about this exam and feel totally unprepared.  I ended up having a mild panic attack and could not get ahold of myself.  Looking back, it might have been an overreaction, but I am working so much up until the exam that I just really need to focus.

Anyways, this morning was better; I had a great workout at the gym and made a delicious protein shake after. Now its shower time and work, but I am trying not to stress about the exam.

Whats the best way for you to deal with stress? Do you have test anxiety?


About Jenna

I am a 21 year old senior at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT and this is my blog on my journey to being a better person, inside and out.
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7 Responses to No good, very bad, REALLY HORRIBLE day: Rant Time

  1. I have really bad test anxiety, but during the test, not so much leading up to it. I find exercise helps me too, especially sometimes because I can study during exercising if there’s a try type thing on the equipment I’m using.

  2. oh girl I am sorry. I am a snack hoarder. I carry snacks with me everywhere #sorryiamnotsorry my anxiety is so bad when I am a. hungry, b. wasting time and c. feeling like I am letting people down so I can so relate. keep checking out my blog because I have lots of snacks reviews coming in the next few weeks. YUM A;HGAIAEHIEAHAE FIVE DAYS

    • Jenna says:

      hahah i will have to check out that post on snanks i am always in need of new snack ideas!! and l’asdf;lkasjflaskjf im so excited l;ask’a

  3. awww I’m sorry you had such a stressful day! I used to stress so much during my tests, but what it came down to was that I just had to tell myself that I knew the material, I went to class, I took notes. Just remind yourself that and take breaks– breaks are good when studying 🙂

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