Breaking Away

We all have comfort zones.  They are hard to break out of, but can be a safe haven at times. For me, my comfort zone revolves around food.  I love food. I grew up in an Italian household, and I love my bread, pasta, chicken parm, etc. Carb girl all the way. It all caught up to me though and today I am still dealing with the consequences.

Comfort zones are especially hard for me to break out of because I am so willful and hate hate HATE change. Well, my friends, that is beginning to change.  The first step for me is acknowledging the fact I can indulge in some delicious homemade bread or a pasta dish (this is my favorite) and sometimes a bagel for breakfast. Its okay. I have the foods I love and I am hesitant to try new things.  Well that too is changing. Here are some of my new favorite meals that are on the healthy side:

  1. Fage Greek yogurt. Holy moly is this stuff good.  My parents are Chobani fans and I tried it once but I didn’t like it so I turned my nose up at Greek yogurt.  My friend convinced me that she swears by Fage and got me to try some….oh my. Addiction. The raspberry fruit kind is my favorite.
  2. Trader Joe’s Handmade 100% Whole Wheat Tortillas: This is a staple in my lunches.  I make fajitas, pizza in the toaster oven, veggie wraps, quesidillas, or just toast it with some peanut butter.
  3. Vanilla Soy Milk: I was never a big soy milk fan but my mom is lactose intolerant so I always grew up drinking Lactaid and real milk just grosses me out. I tried the Trader Joe’s brand (obviously) and fell in love.
  4. Jalepenos: We all know I like a little kick in my meals, but oh boy do I love some fresh jalepenos.  Whenever I sautee veggies in a pan I just chop a few up and toss ’em in for a nice kick.  So great.                                                       
  5. Trader Joe’s Popcorn with Herbs and Spices: This a great snack to put in a baggy and bring to work.  I must admit I am a huge popcorn fan and this hits the spot. So obsessed.
  6. Stevia: I used to hate the taste, now I put in my coffee everyday to replace Splenda or Equal. Dunno what changed on that front.
  7. Frozen Fruit: Since I started making smoothies and shakes, this is a staple in my freezer.  My favorite is frozen bananas and strawberries, but I also enjoy a mixed berry medley from time to time.

Om nom nom.  I honestly do not know what I will do without a Trader Joe’s when I go back to Vermont for school, but I guess I will have to find a replacement. 😦

What are some of your new favorite foods? What is your comfort zone that is hard to get out of? 


About Jenna

I am a 21 year old senior at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT and this is my blog on my journey to being a better person, inside and out.
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2 Responses to Breaking Away

  1. Love those staples, you are my spicy friend all the way. Feed me those jalapenos. I can’t wait to get you into so many new foods as well, I have some treats I am bringing home for you surprise surprise. This post is very similar to my post I did on comfort zones… it reminded me of it which i needed today. Thanks for that.

  2. Love frozen fruit– blueberries are my favorite lol

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