One Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Do you ever feel like once you are feeling great and making progress, something has to go wrong? Welcome to my life.  This happens more than I would like.  Let me explain: I have been working out more and running and I have been feeling great, not only with my body, but I just feel happier and more energetic.  Great, right? Well, today was a workout I’d rather not have ever had.  I slept in, so I opted for a treadmill run instead of a humid outside run.  Well my ankles were NOT having it today.  It was extremely painful even to just walk on the treadmill, so I opted for the elliptical, but I was already discouraged.  The rest of the workout was spent on mostly strength training, but everything just felt off. Blah.

On to the good! A few good things happened. Remember my coworker who was a complete douche canoe to me the other day? Well we talked about it and he apologized and there was a misunderstanding.  He was being over douchebag and I was overreacting.  The kid’s like my brother so we are a-okay now.

Also, I got dinner with a few friends last night and we went to a restaurant called Beach Fire, located, you guessed it, on the beach.  It was a gorgeous sunset and it was a lovely evening to a good day. And I got a delicious margarita with a little baby corona….can you say YUM?!

How do you get through a workout when you’re already discouraged? 


About Jenna

I am a 21 year old senior at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT and this is my blog on my journey to being a better person, inside and out.
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6 Responses to One Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

  1. One workout, that is what you have to remember. Overall you feel stronger, happier, etc. That is what matters. ONe day is nothing, maybe you need a rest day? I am thinking one is in order. I am texting you Thursday night so maybe i can pop by and say hi? Bring you a big hug and some swag?

    • Jenna says:

      I know…its definitely something I have to take into account. And I didn’t get a change to workout yesterday so I should have been ok today but I have a bad history with ankles so we’ll see.
      and YES omg text me when you are home/settled! I should be around all night 🙂 a big hug is definitely in order 🙂

  2. livepassionatelytonight says:

    I feel that way all the time. It’s so frustrating, but it’s important to just multiply the good things and ignore the bad. Get rid of them! Forget about them completely. And ps. That drink looks DELICIOUS.

  3. maralb2010 says:

    I think I have maybe one good run a week, if that. The bad runs all blend together but the good workouts are the ones you’ll remember. Plus you’re allowed to slack off every once in a while and not beat yourself up over it. Keep it up I lovees you 🙂

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