Staying On Track

Well the weekend is halfway gone…how the heck did that happen? In my opinion, weekends are FAR too short, even though they technically start on Thursdays in college 😉  Anyhoo, I haven’t ran since Friday morning, and I have been dying to.  I know I need to relax my ankles and rest, but I just want to run.  I can honestly say I’ve never said that before, which I’m taking as a good sign now.  The fact that I want to do it is great, the fact that I can’t do it frankly sucks.  I want so hard to push through the pain and just do it, but I know that is impulsive and stupid. Meh.

Today was a day like any other with a delicious breakfast, including iced coffee (obviously), 2 365 Organic Whole Wheat Waffles, Justin’s Vanilla almond butter, and strawberries and bananas.


The banana’s were very sad to be chopped up 😦


I could only eat one of the waffles they were so filling so I gave the other half to my mom and she had raving words. Yum yum yum.

Work was good because it wasn’t that busy and I got to read 100 pages of Gone Girl. Its getting intense…fast. I love it! Highly recommend.

I am feeling good, I am happy, I am staying on track.  I haven’t veered too far off track, both with eating and exercise.  If I had any control, I would be running more but I have to listen to my body.


About Jenna

I am a 21 year old senior at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT and this is my blog on my journey to being a better person, inside and out.
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2 Responses to Staying On Track

  1. yum how delicious his the vanilla almond butter?! I’m obsessed 🙂

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