Getting My Act Together

A little recap of the day: I finally pulled my lazy butt off of my couch and far away from Laguna Beach (tear) and ran errands, including the country club to pick up my paycheck, the bank, and heaven Whole Foods. I got lots of yummyness, including:


These are AWESOME and taste just like Wheat Thins, but a lot less calories and, in my opinion, even better. I bought this baby to go along with it:


Holy shiznat this stuff was so good.  I love crackers and dip and either salmon or crab dip is usually my favorite, but I saw this stuff and knew I had to try it.  It was cheesy deliciousness with a chili kick to it. Only 70 calories for 2 tablespoons!! Yes please.


I love having these along side my lunches or as a snack, usually with spicy yellow mustard or peanut butter, or more recently, cookie butter. So delicious.

After my errands, I indulged in some more Laguna (couldn’t help myself), and then my parents treated me to a dinner at our country club.  It was a beautiful night, so we sat outside and sipped our wine and chatted about my future. Such a fun topic.  I brought up the fact that I don’t think I want to work at my country club next summer, but the thing is, I’m an education major and theres no school in the summer so I need to find a filler job.  I love the country club and its a great summer job, but I really think I want to start doing some history research or work in archives or something.  Something related to what I’m actually going to school for.  I thought my parents would think this was great, but alas, they think I should stay at the country club.  No thanks. I’d like a summer where I’m not cleaning other peoples garbage out of golf carts and sitting on a tee box for 8 hours. Anyhoo, finally the main meal came, and mine was scrumptious.   I got a lobster cobb salad with balsamic on the side and boy was it great.


Tonight was spent researching for my thesis in the fall.  I’m reading Between Two Fires: Europe’s Path in the 1930’s by David Clay Large on GoogleBooks.  I usually hate reading things on the computer and always print out my documents so I can highlite and make notes in the margin, but you can’t print on GoogleBooks and you can’t even make it a PDF! Rude. Alas, I digress.


Tomorrows day includes a physical, Body Combat, and Toby Keiths I Love This Bar! I’ve been before and I am so excited to go back!

Don’t forget to smile…its almost Friday!! 


About Jenna

I am a 21 year old senior at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT and this is my blog on my journey to being a better person, inside and out.
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