My Person

We all have that friend, that friend you can talk to about absolutely anything and whenever you’re together it seems like you’ve never been apart.  Some call it soulmates, I call it Anna.

Now Anna and my friendship hasn’t been perfect.  Like any best friends, we have had our definite ups…and our definite downs.  This past fall was especially hard.  We were both in relationships that were not healthy and we went through a rough patch.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it was the worst few months of my life.  I myself am not a confrontational person and tend to let the person come to me if they have an issue and never push the situation.  In this case, I let a friendship that has meant so much to me in the past 2 years deteriorate.


When I was abroad in England, I was missing my SMC family hardcore and I finally sent her an email essentially saying how I didn’t know how things got to the point that they did and how I couldn’t imagine losing her as a best friend.  I love her so much and those few months were torture.  I was so happy she responded and we talked about it and we are closer than ever now. Its so strange; people come in and out of your life so quickly but there are those people that you couldn’t imagine living without.  Freshman year, Anna and I just clicked.  She understood me, all of crazy me.  She has been my one consistant shoulder to cry on when I am feeling low and boys are mean to me or I am just downright stressed with school.  She grounds me. She is my person.

I  talked to Anna on the phone yesterday while I was at work (horrible employee here) and I learned I will get to see her sooner than I had thought! Anna is going to Brazil for the semester to work in a Public Health program but she will be at SMC for move in weekend! It made me the happiest girl in the world.  We chatted and were just silly for a few hours.  Isn’t it great when you talk to an old friend and time flies? A few hours seem like a few minutes.



About Jenna

I am a 21 year old senior at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT and this is my blog on my journey to being a better person, inside and out.
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2 Responses to My Person

  1. awww that’s so sweet! For me it’s my sister– we’re super close lol

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