Thoughts From My Travel Journal: Sheep Edition

So as I’m packing my life away, I came across from my travel journal I used abroad.  Of course, I had to read it and got so nostalgic.  I will share some insight from my ever entertaining mind:

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Today was the big ASE outing to Stonehenge, Salisbury and Lacock Village. All were so amazing and full of so much history.  I realized all I want in life is to own a sheep farm.  I am mildly obsessed.  I actually bought a sheep at Stonehenge.  Sorry, not sorry.  Stonehenge was cool…all it was was some really old rocks (and by really old i mean 4000 b.c old). Salisbury was amazing, too.  I ate lunch with Maddie, Kylie, and Cassie which was nice to branch out of the Linley crew (as much as I love them). We toured Salisbury Cathedral which was awesome.  I tebowed in one of the oldest cathedrals in England.  Like a boss.  Lacock was absolutely adorable. The abbey was the location of a lot of Harry Potter movies! We just walked around and found a really cute store that sold adorable trinkets.  Later, I waded through a river with Emily and Gabbi, which was amazing! Good thing I wore my wellies! We had dinner at Georges Inn, and I sat with Kate, Maddie, Marie, Emily and Neil.  Poor Neil, stuck with us Linley ladies.  He was a trooper.  We had an ASE pub quiz, which Team Ball-so-hard OWNED. Mr. Baaahsworth was our team mascot.  Tomorrow is first day of classes….BRING IT!

Wow, what a loser 😉 The posts quickly change their tune though…As I’ve mentioned before, things went south end of April, but this post makes my heart soar.  I still remember buying bahs and sharing so many fond memories throughout these historic, amazing places. Enjoy this plethora of photos to compliment the entry 🙂








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One Response to Thoughts From My Travel Journal: Sheep Edition

  1. oh man have fun moving tomorrow! so excited for you and let me know how it all goes. Remember when we actually were sheep… well lambs in the nutcracker?

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